My journey so far…..

Hello dearies. My decision to go natural started in the last quarter of 2014. I was one of those people that had very long relaxed hair. Like most naturalistas, I experienced lots of breakage and at a point I got tired and needed a change of look. From that point onward, I started transitioning until march 2015 when I took the bold step to do the big-chop. Its a no going back for me since then. As a novice in the game and equipped with little information on how to maintain natural hair, especially the 4c hair, my hair was… weeeeeeeell……. growing but not so healthy from my point of view. once in a while I regret my action but I consciously refused to dwell on the negativities. And as a person whose principle in life is:

Whatever I find myself doing, I do my very best

I decided to do more research. I read people’s testimonies, blogs and tips on how they have been able to maintain their natural hair. I even went as far as subscribing to different channels and blogs for latest updates. The result????

I have done two not-so-big chops

Healthier hair

Better ways to manage my hair

and so on…..

I have tried several hair care routines and  products along the way. My hair loved some of them, disliked others while some others just fell in-between. The loved ones became a routine.  The ones that fell in between are archived to be tried some other time, after which they will either be discarded or maintained. See My most updated hair care products  for a list of products I use currently.

I am still on the look out for more tips and ideas to help manage my hair even more. Hoping to hear about your journey.

And until then, inhale…. exhale …….. while your nappy hair speak


Author: Glory Naomi

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