My Most Updated Hair Care Products

Hello there!!

Today I will be writing about my the products I currently use on 4c my hair and  what guides my decision when making a choice of the product to purchase.

During those early days when I was ‘finding my hair’, I came across different natural hair products and realized that making a choice from these numerous product lines was not going to be funny. Sometimes, I realized that a particular product wasn’t for my hair or hair type only after spending a lot in purchasing that item. And where it hurts most is having to give such product away or in some cases, trash the it.  And then the fussy search for products becomes cyclic.

In this recession age when there is no time and money to waste… 😉  I came up with  checklist of things-to-do before purchasing any hair product.

  1. Check the ingredient: There are some ingredients that are complete NO-NOs for naturalistas. So anytime you see ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, some alcohols and mineral oil, my sisters and brothers, please say NO. I will do a more explicit post on that. On the other hand, water (or aqua) should be the first or one of the first four products.
  2. Check Reviews: visit the internet to see what people are saying about the product in question. While some people are reserved when commenting, others dish out the real deal. One thing to note is that natural hair products are not a ‘one size fits all’ thingy. What works for one might not work for you. However, you can get a general picture whether a product can or cannot do what it claims to do.
  3. Test Trial: I don’t get to do this. all the time though. But if you have a fellow naturalista, preferably someone with same hair type as yours, you can try out his/her products to see if it works for you.

Please note that this does not guarantee that you will always get what you want. But I can assure you that a higher percentage of all purchases will give you what you desire IF YOU ARE NOT TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE.

Here is a list of the products I currently use. I don’t get 100% percent satisfaction from all of them at the moment but they still work fine for my hair. When I make any change I will update you  and probably do a review.

 Washing My DIY liquid black soap and Cantu complete conditioning co-wash  cantu-cowash
 Rinse out conditioning Cantu moisturizing conditioner and my DIY (moisturizing and protein) conditioners  cantu-moisturizing-shampoo
 Leave-in conditioning Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream, Fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera gel and my DIY leave-in conditioner.  download-2download-3
 Daily moisturizer and sealant  Water, my DIY oil mixture, Shea butter  Oils: Kuza JBCO, argan oil, locally made coconut oil, almond oil, Goya extra virgin olive oil, tea tree and lavender oil.
 Others  Eco styler gel and Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, apple cider vinegar  images-1download

So there you have it!!! My most updated natural hair products. What is your hair type ? What products do you use and what effect does it have on your hair? What steps do you take before buying a product?

In my next post, I will be telling you about my DIY hair products. And until then..

Inhale… Exhale…. while your nappy hair do the talking.


Author: Glory Naomi

Loves: Nature. Art.. To make everything more beautiful...

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