My 2017 ‘HaiResolution’!!

Hello there!

It is about that time of the year when people make promises to do an act of self-improvement or act nicer to other people.  This is good. However, studies have shown that many persons don’t follow through with their resolutions till the end of the year most likely because they either set unrealistic or too many goals, they do not keeping track of progress and at times forgetfulness.

I have never fancied the January 1, of every year resolution trend because my year starts April 21 annually.. #smiles#…. But because this is my resolution, I will give a ‘HaiResolution’ this one time ONLY. Subsequent ‘HaiResolution’ will come April of every year.

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Here is my ‘HaiResolution’ for 2017.

  1. To do more deep conditioning. Because of my very busy schedule, I deep condition on an average of five weeks intervals.
  2. Patience!!!! I can confidently say I am patiently when it comes to matters not relating to my hair. When it comes to detangling my hair espaecially before a wash, OMG!! the story changes. I am so in a hurry to get done with the whole process. The end result is breakage.
  3. To engage in more protective styling.

The secret to accomplishing what matters most to you is committing your goals to writing.

Based on the above quote, I will also add  the next point on my list:

  1. To keep a natural hair journal. In my next post I will discuss what a natural hair journal is as well as its importance for every naturalista. I will also give you a peep into my customized journal.

What are your 2017 ‘HaiResolution’ and what measures have you put in place towards increasing your success rate? Please let me know in the comment section.


Until I come your way again…. XOXO


Author: Glory Naomi

Loves: Nature. Art.. To make everything more beautiful...

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