Keeping it Natural Even in Harmattan

It is the month of January here in Nigeria, characterized by the harmattan or ‘brown winter’ season. There is the cold in the early and late hours of the day and heat in the afternoon. We have to deal with the extremely dry desert-like air that hovers over the region air. I for one love this season except for the dust, dry skin, lips and of course my hair.

If not properly maintained, our hair will experience lots of breakage because of the low humidity. There is a massive loss of moisture from our hair to the atmosphere and thereby make our hair feel like sponge. But not too worry friends, let me share with you some of the things I learnt during my search for an antidote against the dryness.

We are all familiar with using vaseline and oils on our skin to prevent dryness or whiteness on our skin. In the same way, what you hair needs this period is: MOISTURE. Whatever routine we choose to adopt should be one that encourages moisture. Here are some of the ways I will be maintaining my hair this season.

  1. Diet– ‘we are what we take in’. Hence our diet is reflected in our hair. Drinking lots of water, at least 8 cups per day, is highly recommended. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can supply the hair with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy growth.
  2. Washing and conditioning– Shampoos tend to dry out the hair. So for this period, I will be sticking with just conditioning washing popularly called co-washing. It helps moisturize dry hair without stripping away the natural oils our hair, defines curl pattern, softens hair while Restoring natural oils and eliminating chemicals left by shampoo. It is also important we deep moisturizing conditioning every week when we are not on protective styles. Simple treatments like hot oils which encourage moisture penetrating the hair follicle is also advisable.
  3. Leave-ins, oils and sealants– During this period, we should try as much as possible not to miss out on daily conditioning, moisturizing and sealants. My go to coconut, almond, castor, olive and tea tree oil mixture, which by the way I have been using for my skin for a little over 1 year now, is what i use as my daily moisturizer. I seal with Shea butter. some people opt for heavier sealant, leave-ins and moisture but I prefer to move around with my DIY moisturizing spritz containing just water, glycerin and some oils of choice for extra moisture when my hair feels dry during the day.
  4. Protective styling (PS)– More than ever before, we should engage in more protective styles as this protects our edges and tips. Weaves, braids and wigs are different ways to do PS. Please ensure yo do hot oil/prepoo treatment, detangle, wash, DC and moisturize hair properly a day before installing weaves as well as occasional to up moisturizing. Treat wigs like you treat your hair in this weather.
  5. Scarving– If you are lazy just like me when it comes to doing PS, then this is for you. Please stick to the satin and silk scarves as they do0 not absorb the moisture from the hair. If I choose not to use scarf, I just do a simple sort of PS style for the week that does not require daily manipulations. I also ensure my tips are properly tucked in.

You can check the recipe categories for more cheap and easy DIYs.

More tips?? please share…..

 Exhale… Inhale…..Let your nappy hair speak even in this BROWN WINTER.




Author: Glory Naomi

Loves: Nature. Art.. To make everything more beautiful...

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