NAPPY 101- Natural Hair Basics

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Natural hair, simply put, is one whose texture has been manipulated chemically using relaxers and texturizers or other chemical straightening methods. Depending on the ethnic group, natural hair can range from the straight to kinky and different curl diameters. There is also observable differences in the structure (but same basic chemical composition in terms of keratin protein content), density, and growth rate of each hair. Natural hair can be classified based on the type of curl pattern they possess. Each have their different pros and cons as well as different ways to manage them. Whether we are about starting out our natural hair journey by doing a big chop or we want to transition, our success at attaining a healthy hair starts with knowing the basics of our hair.

For natural hair, it is not a one size fits all.

Natural hair is very fragile even though it look strong. Extra care is therefore needed in caring for it.

Benefits of natural hair

  • Versatility in styles- wash ‘n’ go, Twists, braids and cornrows, locks, Afro or TWA, bantu knots, ponytails, buns, tapered cuts, loose styles and even fixing weavons.
  • Rain becomes a friend rather than a foe. Because water is a natural hair first friend, you do not have to be overly concerned about your hair when it rains.
  • Saves cost, especially when you are not a product junkie. If you are like me that prefers the natural homemade recipes for my hair, you don’t have to worry about introducing chemical from products on to your hair and your body too.
  • You are not scared of sweating out especially during exercise.
  • Raises your self-confidence.

Natural hair can be classified based on the curl pattern formed. This will form the basis of our next discussion on NAPPY 101.


Author: Glory Naomi

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