My Hair Journal Series 2: January 9-15

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See my hair journal for January 9-15, 2017

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My Hair Journal Series 1B: January 2-8

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Click on 2017-hair-journal-January-2-8 to see my  first hair journal write-up for January 2-8.

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My Hair Journal Series 1A: 2017

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As part of my HaiResolutions for 2017, I will be doing a weekly update of my hair journal.  These posts will be tagged as ‘My Hair Journal Series’. As always it is always my pleasure to have your opinions on any of my posts. Kindly like, share, re-blog and comment whenever. You can also follow me here or on any of my social media platforms.

Like every other adventure, during our natural hair journey, we stumble on many different products, write-ups and ideas on how to maintain a healthy natural hair. Because our hairs are different, many of these products, tips, and ideas may not work in the same way as the person who recommended it or in the way we think they would.  Conversely, our hair may love some of the treatments we give to it. There may also be changes in our hair which may result into changes in our hair care routine. Some products and routine treatment our hair loves may suddenly stop working.

It is important that we keep track of every care routine, treatment, products and changes to our hair. These will help us know how well our hair is doing. We need to discard those treatments that are not beneficial to us. The journal should just be a summary of everything.

Based on recommendations by curlcentric, I created a basic journal which I will be using as my template. As time goes by, I will tweak the template a bit. Do you already have a journal? If yes, please tell us how you did it so we can all learn from it.

See you on monday when I will post my first update for January 2-8, 2017.

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PS: I suggest we do a length and volume checks at the beginning. I did not though but its better late than never.