Keeping it Natural Even in Harmattan

It is the month of January here in Nigeria, characterized by the harmattan or ‘brown winter’ season. There is the cold in the early and late hours of the day and heat in the afternoon. We have to deal with the extremely dry desert-like air that hovers over the region air. I for one love this season except for the dust, dry skin, lips and of course my hair.

If not properly maintained, our hair will experience lots of breakage because of the low humidity. There is a massive loss of moisture from our hair to the atmosphere and thereby make our hair feel like sponge. But not too worry friends, let me share with you some of the things I learnt during my search for an antidote against the dryness.

We are all familiar with using vaseline and oils on our skin to prevent dryness or whiteness on our skin. In the same way, what you hair needs this period is: MOISTURE. Whatever routine we choose to adopt should be one that encourages moisture. Here are some of the ways I will be maintaining my hair this season.

  1. Diet– ‘we are what we take in’. Hence our diet is reflected in our hair. Drinking lots of water, at least 8 cups per day, is highly recommended. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can supply the hair with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy growth.
  2. Washing and conditioning– Shampoos tend to dry out the hair. So for this period, I will be sticking with just conditioning washing popularly called co-washing. It helps moisturize dry hair without stripping away the natural oils our hair, defines curl pattern, softens hair while Restoring natural oils and eliminating chemicals left by shampoo. It is also important we deep moisturizing conditioning every week when we are not on protective styles. Simple treatments like hot oils which encourage moisture penetrating the hair follicle is also advisable.
  3. Leave-ins, oils and sealants– During this period, we should try as much as possible not to miss out on daily conditioning, moisturizing and sealants. My go to coconut, almond, castor, olive and tea tree oil mixture, which by the way I have been using for my skin for a little over 1 year now, is what i use as my daily moisturizer. I seal with Shea butter. some people opt for heavier sealant, leave-ins and moisture but I prefer to move around with my DIY moisturizing spritz containing just water, glycerin and some oils of choice for extra moisture when my hair feels dry during the day.
  4. Protective styling (PS)– More than ever before, we should engage in more protective styles as this protects our edges and tips. Weaves, braids and wigs are different ways to do PS. Please ensure yo do hot oil/prepoo treatment, detangle, wash, DC and moisturize hair properly a day before installing weaves as well as occasional to up moisturizing. Treat wigs like you treat your hair in this weather.
  5. Scarving– If you are lazy just like me when it comes to doing PS, then this is for you. Please stick to the satin and silk scarves as they do0 not absorb the moisture from the hair. If I choose not to use scarf, I just do a simple sort of PS style for the week that does not require daily manipulations. I also ensure my tips are properly tucked in.

You can check the recipe categories for more cheap and easy DIYs.

More tips?? please share…..

 Exhale… Inhale…..Let your nappy hair speak even in this BROWN WINTER.




January 3, 2017- First day at the office in the year.

Gold colour popping like ‘kilode’

My 2017 ‘HaiResolution’!!

Hello there!

It is about that time of the year when people make promises to do an act of self-improvement or act nicer to other people.  This is good. However, studies have shown that many persons don’t follow through with their resolutions till the end of the year most likely because they either set unrealistic or too many goals, they do not keeping track of progress and at times forgetfulness.

I have never fancied the January 1, of every year resolution trend because my year starts April 21 annually.. #smiles#…. But because this is my resolution, I will give a ‘HaiResolution’ this one time ONLY. Subsequent ‘HaiResolution’ will come April of every year.

1469433451429_ 1469433428703_

Here is my ‘HaiResolution’ for 2017.

  1. To do more deep conditioning. Because of my very busy schedule, I deep condition on an average of five weeks intervals.
  2. Patience!!!! I can confidently say I am patiently when it comes to matters not relating to my hair. When it comes to detangling my hair espaecially before a wash, OMG!! the story changes. I am so in a hurry to get done with the whole process. The end result is breakage.
  3. To engage in more protective styling.

The secret to accomplishing what matters most to you is committing your goals to writing.

Based on the above quote, I will also add  the next point on my list:

  1. To keep a natural hair journal. In my next post I will discuss what a natural hair journal is as well as its importance for every naturalista. I will also give you a peep into my customized journal.

What are your 2017 ‘HaiResolution’ and what measures have you put in place towards increasing your success rate? Please let me know in the comment section.


Until I come your way again…. XOXO

My journey so far…..

Hello dearies. My decision to go natural started in the last quarter of 2014. I was one of those people that had very long relaxed hair. Like most naturalistas, I experienced lots of breakage and at a point I got tired and needed a change of look. From that point onward, I started transitioning until march 2015 when I took the bold step to do the big-chop. Its a no going back for me since then. As a novice in the game and equipped with little information on how to maintain natural hair, especially the 4c hair, my hair was… weeeeeeeell……. growing but not so healthy from my point of view. once in a while I regret my action but I consciously refused to dwell on the negativities. And as a person whose principle in life is:

Whatever I find myself doing, I do my very best

I decided to do more research. I read people’s testimonies, blogs and tips on how they have been able to maintain their natural hair. I even went as far as subscribing to different channels and blogs for latest updates. The result????

I have done two not-so-big chops

Healthier hair

Better ways to manage my hair

and so on…..

I have tried several hair care routines and  products along the way. My hair loved some of them, disliked others while some others just fell in-between. The loved ones became a routine.  The ones that fell in between are archived to be tried some other time, after which they will either be discarded or maintained. See My most updated hair care products  for a list of products I use currently.

I am still on the look out for more tips and ideas to help manage my hair even more. Hoping to hear about your journey.

And until then, inhale…. exhale …….. while your nappy hair speak

My Most Updated Hair Care Products

Hello there!!

Today I will be writing about my the products I currently use on 4c my hair and  what guides my decision when making a choice of the product to purchase.

During those early days when I was ‘finding my hair’, I came across different natural hair products and realized that making a choice from these numerous product lines was not going to be funny. Sometimes, I realized that a particular product wasn’t for my hair or hair type only after spending a lot in purchasing that item. And where it hurts most is having to give such product away or in some cases, trash the it.  And then the fussy search for products becomes cyclic.

In this recession age when there is no time and money to waste… 😉  I came up with  checklist of things-to-do before purchasing any hair product.

  1. Check the ingredient: There are some ingredients that are complete NO-NOs for naturalistas. So anytime you see ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, some alcohols and mineral oil, my sisters and brothers, please say NO. I will do a more explicit post on that. On the other hand, water (or aqua) should be the first or one of the first four products.
  2. Check Reviews: visit the internet to see what people are saying about the product in question. While some people are reserved when commenting, others dish out the real deal. One thing to note is that natural hair products are not a ‘one size fits all’ thingy. What works for one might not work for you. However, you can get a general picture whether a product can or cannot do what it claims to do.
  3. Test Trial: I don’t get to do this. all the time though. But if you have a fellow naturalista, preferably someone with same hair type as yours, you can try out his/her products to see if it works for you.

Please note that this does not guarantee that you will always get what you want. But I can assure you that a higher percentage of all purchases will give you what you desire IF YOU ARE NOT TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE.

Here is a list of the products I currently use. I don’t get 100% percent satisfaction from all of them at the moment but they still work fine for my hair. When I make any change I will update you  and probably do a review.

 Washing My DIY liquid black soap and Cantu complete conditioning co-wash  cantu-cowash
 Rinse out conditioning Cantu moisturizing conditioner and my DIY (moisturizing and protein) conditioners  cantu-moisturizing-shampoo
 Leave-in conditioning Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream, Fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera gel and my DIY leave-in conditioner.  download-2download-3
 Daily moisturizer and sealant  Water, my DIY oil mixture, Shea butter  Oils: Kuza JBCO, argan oil, locally made coconut oil, almond oil, Goya extra virgin olive oil, tea tree and lavender oil.
 Others  Eco styler gel and Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, apple cider vinegar  images-1download

So there you have it!!! My most updated natural hair products. What is your hair type ? What products do you use and what effect does it have on your hair? What steps do you take before buying a product?

In my next post, I will be telling you about my DIY hair products. And until then..

Inhale… Exhale…. while your nappy hair do the talking.