How I made a sleek bun on my 4c nappy hair

ice_2016-10-28-17-07-05-129.jpgA sleek bun on 4c hair??? That’s almost a difficult situation to achieve for naturalistas in the 4series hair. We all love that very attractive, smooth, shiny and wavy bun. I must confess that it took me several megabytes to watch videos, read blogs and many failed attempts…. Lol. However, I was able to find my way around it by adjusting the normal routine to fit my hair type. Interested in my method? Read away…..

Materials and products used:

  1. Eco styler gel
  2. Tail comb
  3. Hair brush
  4. Elastic band (for hair)
  5. 2 satin/silk scarves
  6. Water and of course
  7. Your hand or some else’.


Starting with a damp hair,

  1. Pack hair to your desired bun. Even if you have shirt hair…. Don’t worry because you are covered. Just pack your hair to your desired style.
  2. Using your fingers, add generous amount of eco styler gel as required. I haven’t tried using any other gel, but am quite sure any other gel that works for you should do.
  3. This next step is about the most important. Use the tail comb ‘brush’ through the gelled part of the hair to ensure the gel gets to the root of the hair. Add more gel if necessary. If the hair gets dried in the process, just spray a little on the hair and continue with the brushing until satisfied.
  4. Dip your palm in water, rub on the hair and brush with the hair brush. Add more gel if necessary on any part especially the baby hair in front. At this stage you should start seeing that smoothness and waviness.
  5. Re-tie the bun if loose.
  6. Tie the scarves tightly to cover all gelled parts of the hair. That’s why I recommended two. The first scarf focuses on the the front part of the hair close to the forehead while the second focuses on the crown closer to the bun. This further adds to the sleekness of the hair. Wear the scarves for as long as you can, preferably overnight. However, In about twenty minutes can also give the desires sleekness.
  7. Remove the scarves, re-tie your bun if needed and voila!! Sleek bun!!!

Why don’t you give it a try and send me pictures on or you can tag me on instagram: @my4chairjourney.

Expecting to hear from you soonest….